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Hello, fellow designer. On Anfield Edition, plenty of us are designers as well. That’s why we thought we should work together and make something good.

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All of the products you see in this shop have been made by the independent creators. They have dedicated their time and energy into making something great happen. And you can be here as well.

Our team consists of people from various backgrounds. In addition to the wizards of image editing software, we have marketing specialists. We have writers. We have web developers. All working together in one goal – sending good quality products from our presses to the homes of the customers. And if you have a design idea that you love or a drawing that you would love to share – let us know. Send in your blueprints and/or ideas to We will make sure to write you back and if we love what you have to offer – we’ll do all in our disposal to make your idea reach the masses! We will make sure your name reaches as wide an audience as possible.

And of course, let’s be absolutely honest…

We’ll give you a fair chunk of profit as well. 


Join the community, become a designer and be acknowledged for your talents. Not for your follower count on Twitter.