Liverpool set to return to Premier League action on the 20th June

Liverpool could be presented with the chance to win the Premier League title on the weekend of June 20.

After over three months of postponement, the Premier League season is set to restart on June 17th, with Friday night fixtures of Aston Villa v Sheffield Utd and Manchester City v Arsenal as reported by The Telegraph.

The latter is of importance for the Reds. If Arsenal beat Manchester City, Liverpool win the title behind closed doors at Goodison Park.

A win against Everton in this circumstance would crown Liverpool champions and the trophy would likely be lifted in a despairingly quiet stadium.

Just imagine what the away end would have been like!

The Premier League recently voted to resume contact training, which means squads are able to train as a group and engage in tackling. This is part of Phase 2 of Project Restart which brings about the return of England’s top flight.

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A 30-year wait for the title is now just two wins away, Liverpool’s upcoming fixtures are as follows: Everton (A), Crystal Palace (H), Manchester City (A), Aston Villa (H) and Brighton (A).

If Liverpool win both of their next two games they will win the title at Anfield and receive a guard of honour from Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City side at the Etihad.

Or, dropped points mean it could be decided in Manchester – a grudge match that arguably saw Liverpool’s best performance of the season in the 3-1 reverse fixture.

While some suggested that the season will be null and void, the Premier League made it clear that the intention would always be to finish the season and not undermine the integrity of the sport.

The only problem this presents for Liverpool fans is this thought of not being able to watch the team lift the trophy in front of an adoring crowd – or aggravated if it were to happen at Goodison or the Etihad.

It’s also very unlikely we will see a parade through Liverpool any time soon.

Football fans live for these moments and to have them taken away from you after a 30-year wait will be difficult to understand for some.

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All that can be said is that football has to go on.

While Anfield may be some 54,000 fans short, millions from all over the world will be given some escapism from these trepid times we live in.

For the club, it presents them with the chance to make history in a historic time. This season could go down as the season ruined by VAR, a season with weak competitors and understandably one halted by a pandemic.

Everyone knows that Liverpool were streaks ahead of anyone this season and a dead certain to win the title by the turn of the year.

You don’t win 27 out of 29 games with ease – yet somehow Jurgen Klopp’s side made it feel that way.

People will try to put an asterisk on it but all that matters is the words before it soon that are soon to be told…

Liverpool – Premier League Champions 2019/20.