FPL Hidden Gems - Gameweek 5


In this series, I will be offering those hidden gems in the FPL, that can provide the differentials that will ensure that you climb up the table and secure a win over your fiercest of rivals. I will be providing players throughout the season, to guarantee that you have the best alternatives to the big money players many will be choosing.

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First on my list is Aston Villa Striker, Wesley. Since the Brazilians £22.5m transfer from Club Brugge, he’s scored 15 points across 4 games. Making him the highest points scorer for any player selected by less than 2% of all FPL managers.

The Aston Villa talisman’s robust style of play, makes him a handful for defenders. At a mid-range price of 6.0m, he could provide you with high differential points whilst still allowing you to invest in more high end players. All of these factors will leave you with higher point returns week in week out.

However, we are yet to see the strikers talents over the course of a season in England. This could lead to dips in his form, and even periods where he will have weeks where he fails to register any returns. So I’d recommend being cautious as to when you include him into the fold of your side.

Wesley’s natural goalscoring ability and robust attitude hint towards him being a great premier league striker, however we are yet to see his powers reach their pinnacle. Therefore I rate this player a 3.5/5 in terms of riskiness.

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Second on my list is Palace defender, Joel Ward is bizzarly only selected by 1.7% of FPL managers, despite scoring the most points out of any defender below 4.5m. Making him the perfect defender to bring in to allow you to score those crucial differential points to secure an edge on your oppositions.

With an average of 4.5 points per game, he’s the second best value defender on form, with 1 point for every Million spent. First being fellow Palace defender Van Aanholt (1.07 points per million). So in terms of defenders, Ward is amongst the best in FPL so far this year. However, Crystal Palace are outperforming their xG against by roughly 50%. They have conceded 2 goals in the Premier League this season, stats suggest they should have conceded 4. This will come back to haunt crystal Palace, as they can’t continue to ride their luck over the course of a season.

It will be easy to fit him into your side, as his low price allows you to slot him right in without having to compromise in any different areas.

A strong start to the season, along with a strong defence around him, the risk in bringing Ward in is quite low. Leaving him with a 2/5 rating in terms of rating.

That concludes this weeks, Hidden Gems, if you found any of my tips helpful or if you disagree with anything that was said feel free to let us know on our Twitter @AnfieldEdition, and we’ll be more than open to a debate. Good luck to everyone in the gameweeks ahead.