FPL Players to avoid - Gameweek 4


Throughout this weekly piece, I will be providing you with the players you need to avoid, to make sure you avoid any unnecessarily dropped points, even if they play for Liverpool.

Despite his 2 goals in the league so far, not to mention his 19 FPL points, I believe the first player you should avoid is Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford. Here’s why; Manchester United are enduring an utterly appalling run of form with only 3 wins in 15 games, their upcoming fixtures don’t provide a platform to bounce back either. In their next 5 games they face, Southampton (A), Leicester (H), West Ham (A), top four rivals Arsenal (H), Newcastle (A) and finally (a game we’re all sure to be watching) Liverpool (H). All of these games offer an element of difficulty to them, with Rashford likely to struggle in each of them, With a missed penalty in United’s 1-2 home defeat to Crystal Palace, causing Rashford’s form to take a hit.

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His current price sits at a whopping £8.7m, which makes him the eighth most expensive attacker in the FPL, this provides a massive risk. For that much money the player should be providing attacking returns of consistently 5 and above. However, in his most recent game, Rashford provided 0 points, against a poor Crystal Palace side at home, which doesn’t instil the confidence that an attacker of that price should.

Rashford does provide a few positive aspects to an FPL player , he’s one of two Manchester United penalty takers, which offers a higher goal return. He also plays a very central role for a winger, which allows him to get closer to goal and create or score more chances. He also takes United’s mid-range free kick’s which again, offers a higher chance of an attacking return.

Despite these pros, Rashford has never scored more than 10 premier league goals, so you will not be getting a reliable attacking outlet. Also, he’s never played a full season in the premier league, with 35/38 appearances being his highest to date. In reality, it doesn’t matter how many set pieces he takes, throughout his 3 full Premier League seasons Rashford seems to lack the reliable return that other top priced FPL strikers offer.

If you already have Rashford in your team don’t worry, I am here to provide an alternative choice which is both better value and returns higher goal returns. And that is Joshua King (£6.5m) of Bournemouth. King has outscored Rashford in every single Premier League season since his debut, in 2015. So he has reliably offered higher attacking point returns than Rashford, for a much lower price.

To conclude, I will rate this player in terms of riskiness, 1 meaning, not too risky, and 5 meaning, 100% avoid. For Marcus Rashford I will rate him a 3.5/5.

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A world class winger on his day, Wilfried Zaha seems to still be grieving his failed £70m transfer to Arsenal. This has left him to disregard any pattern to his play, with him often going on erratic runs, in an attempt to prove to everyone he can single-handedly pull this Crystal Palace team on his back. Despite this 13% of FPL managers have selected him. This is why I believe you should avoid making the same mistake, or resolve the mistake you have already made.

Crystal Palace face a challenging set of upcoming fixtures, with Man City, Arsenal and Tottenham all to face for the Eagles. Normally in these fixtures Palace would look to their talisman Zaha in these big games. However, with the Ivorian left unmotivated to make effective contributions for his side, we will likely see a dip in his FPL numbers.

Zaha’s price currently sits at £6.9m, which will likely be an ineffective use of your money, as Zaha’s form will likely be streaky and unreliable. He may have proved himself to be worthy of this price this season but he will likely not hit the same hights we saw last season.

However, Zaha has proven himself to be a world class winger on the odd occasion he wants to turn up and make an impact. But again as I’ve previously mentioned, these occasions will likely become more and more uncommon and he will ghost in and out of games a lot more infrequently. This will leave the 13% of FPL managers with inconsistent point returns and will likely leave them to waste their free transfers to get him out of their side. This will cause them to spend points to transfer a player out , in the unfortunate event he receives a long term injury,

A better use of £6.9m I believe is West Ham’s Felipe Anderson. He will likely improve on his 9 goals and 4 assists in his second Premier League. This is largely in part to the arrival of French Striker Sebastian Haller. This will allow Anderson to better Zaha’s best ever Premier League goal tally of 10 goals.

I advise you strongly to remove Zaha from your team, or just not to transfer him in, which is why I will rate him a 4/5.

That concludes this weeks, Players To Avoid, if you found any of my tips helpful or if you disagree with anything that was said feel free to let us know on our Twitter @AnfieldEdition, and we’ll be more than open to a debate. Good luck to everyone in the game-weeks ahead.