Liverpool Fans Won't Like What This Journalist Said About Fabinho

Liverpool fans were left perplexed by comments from The Telegraph’s Chris Bascombe when he engaged in an argument on Twitter earlier today, which started with comments where he seemingly disregarded the impact of Fabinho’s displays against Red Star and Cardiff.


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The debate started when Bascombe admitted he thought Fabinho was overpraised for the performance which earned him much acclaim against Red Star and that his initial showings have left him looking like a highly disappointing signing — something which didn’t sit well with Liverpool fans.

While Fabinho hasn’t replicated the form that made him so sought after during his time with Monaco and was poor in his last showing versus Arsenal, it seems somewhat unfair for Bascombe to be scapegoating the Brazilian who is still adjusting to the demands of Klopp’s system.


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The argument took a bizarre turn when Bascombe claimed that there was a ‘Sakho-esque love in’ for Fabinho right now, which he thinks is far from justified. This ‘Sakho-esque love in’ clearly refers to the manner in which Liverpool fans stood firmly behind Mamadou Sakho when he was ostracized by Klopp and Bascombe clearly believes this is being repeated with fans showing their support for Fabinho.

Of course, there was a room for a Jordan Henderson debate in there, with the journalist defending his importance to the team, while others attempted to point out his double standards in criticising displays from Fabinho that he would have conversely lauded Henderson for.

Although Fabinho has been somewhat disappointing since his arrival from Monaco, there is no disputing that he has the qualities to be a top-class holding midfielder and it seems frankly strange that Bascombe can’t acknowledge how superb he was out against Red Star and Cardiff.

Yet he’s right about one thing: Henderson has an important role to play and we’ve arguably missed him in his absence.



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