Elliot’s Monthly Talking Points: Pogba a Dabbing French Charlie Adam, League Situation, Shaqiri + More


Alright you lot, myself and the lovely folks over here at Anfield Edition are going to be trying something new – once a month (don’t hold me to a strict time schedule) we’re going to publishing a column regarding talking points regarding our weird and wonderful club over the last month, and of course you’re all welcome to @ back at us and tell us why you do or don’t agree with what I’ve included, or even bits and bobs I could include in the next segment.

So here goes, the first thing I want to talk about is what exactly is happening with us this season? At the time of writing we are sitting 2nd in the premier league, only two points behind the freak of nature that is Manchester City FC. We are unbeaten in the league, alongside Man City and Chelsea, and have only conceded 5 goals.

But why is there still a huge sense of frustration amongst us Liverpool fans? At this point last season we were sitting 5th and on 22 points, whilst we are currently on 30, having won 9, drawn 3 and lost 0.

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Well, here’s my hot take – life has these funny little ways of constantly reminding you to never get too confident, nor too comfy, and in this case it’s somehow our once abysmal defence has become one of the best in the league, and our once world-class attacking trio has stalled.

Think back to when Klopp first took over, we had Mignolet, Lovren, Skrtel, Moreno and Clyne – Now we have Alisson, Virgil Van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson.  It genuinely makes me wince a bit thinking how teams must have been licking their lips at the thought of playing against that back five back in 2014, no wonder Suarez decided to jump ship, the club didn’t have their priorities right.

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Fast forward a few years, we’re absolutely solid at the back. You’ll notice nobody has spoken about VVD’s transfer fee, apart from those weird mancs that are still upset they paid £90 million for a dabbing, French Charlie Adam.

However, like I said, we’ve fast been reminded not to get too cocky, because for some reason our front three just isn’t clicking like we’d expect it too. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have full faith in them all, in fact I do our entire team (except Adam Lallana, sorry mate) but something just hasn’t clicked with them this season. I remember reading articles that players who are in a team that employs a high-pressing philosophy such as Klopps, or even Guardiolas can only last around 4/5 seasons before their bodies start to catch up on them. Perhaps this is a reason? physical fatigue? mental fatigue? We all know that Salah is obviously still on his way back to full wellness after the shoulder incident in UCL final and the way he was treated at the World Cup.

But maybe that’s the whole point. The way we play our exciting, entertaining and fantastic brand of football is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing in a sense that when we’re fit and firing, we’re one of the best teams in the world, just think back to that 3-0 at Anfield against Man City in the UCL, or a majority of the games from least season for that matter. But that’s also the worst part, because it’s so taxing on our players minds and bodies, it’s eventually going to take away some of the sharpness, that killer instinct that we’ve become so used to.

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Another point to mention is that it also takes so long for new players to become used to our brand of football, look at how long it took Roberston and Ox to get up to the standard we hoped they would. This will also be the case with Fabinho and Keita, so don’t take what I just said too seriously, we’ll be fine, our current players are just either fatigued or not up to scratch – both of which can be “fixed” in due time with the right care.

Moving on, this whole Klopp not taking Shaqiri to Red Star? I’m not a fan. I 100% understand and sympathise with the reasons why Klopp chose not to take Xherdan to that game, have you seen the video of that tunnel at the Rajko Mitić stadium? I’d be terrified. (If you haven’t seen it, google it.)

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But these are grown men, professionals for that matter. Plus we all know that if anybody in our team is going to thrive off of that kind of energy it’s going to be Shaqiri, especially considering he had the confidence for this celebration against Serbia during the World Cup.

My point being that just because we’re worried certain players will get some stick away from home doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take them, otherwise we wouldn’t end up taking players to any away games because they might get jeered.

Anyway, this has been a very brief discussion of some of my thoughts regarding some hot topics surrounding Liverpool at the moment, and i’d like to be back doing this regularly. Any comments or arguments please feel free to mention me on twitter, or any other things you’d like to discuss please do drop me a message.

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The main thing to take way from all this is that we are in an excellent position right now, we’ve got one of the best managers on the planet, one of the best squads on the planet, and in my opinion one of the best fanbases too. Keep supporting them, but don’t be afraid to speak out and let us over at AE know when you’re frustrated with our club, players or fans, we want to give you guys a voice.

Until next time, Elliot


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