“We Simply Targeted a Better GK” - Klopp Makes Brutally Honest Assessment of Karius


In a recent interview with German publication Kicker, Jurgen Klopp made a brutal assessment of Loris Karius, and explained why Alisson was targeted.

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According to Klopp himself:

“We simply identified another keeper, who is better, and signed him.”

“I didn’t tell Karius what he wanted to hear, but how it is. The Champions League final had nothing to do with us getting Alisson. Even if he had won it and Alisson would have been on the market we would have still signed him.”

The Liverpool manager also made clear his support for Loris Karius after his mistakes in the UCL final, admitting to nearly refusing to replace the German as a result.

“How the people reacted negatively to Karius after the final, tried to isolate him, almost made me not get Alisson and rather stick it out with Karius. But we had to be professional. Our job is to have the best players on every position.”

“[Karius] is now 25, at an age, in which keepers keep improving. All the best keepers make mistake. But sometimes timing is important in life. If Loris makes a mistake now it isn’t cool. In eight years nobody will care. We are totally happy with him.”

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