Former Liverpool Man Rips Into Shaqiri


Former Liverpool midfielder Charlie Adam has launched a scathing attack on his former teammate Xherdan Shaqiri.

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The Swiss international recently signed for Adam’s former club, Liverpool. Adam has accused his compatriot of letting the club down towards the end of last season which resulted in Stoke being relegated.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Adam mentioned that Shaqiri was a ‘big player’ and someone ‘who got away with murder’ at the club. Adam appeared on the Alan Brazil breakfast show this morning and went into further detail about his comments on Shaqiri.

On Shaqiri, he claimed, “Was he one of them? Oh definitely. When the chips are down you look at your big players, you want your big players to bring magic in one moment in the season, and at times we felt like the so-called big players in the squad never turned up for us and never performed.”

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He further added, “Yeah, everybody else could help, but for all the plaudits so-called bigger players were getting from certain members of the management staff last season – they weren’t producing.”

Adam concluded his remarks by urging his teammates to focus on the new season, “But, listen, he’s gone now. We move on and we look to the future. The future for us at the moment is in the Championship.”

Shaqiri will be eager to prove Adam wrong when he starts his Reds’ career and show everyone just how good he is. For now, it can be interpreted that Adam has some sour grapes or maybe he is just venting after a disappointing season for both him and Stoke City.

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