Former BBC and Times Journo Offers Fekir Encouragement


Liverpool fans have been offered encouragement in the Reds’ pursuit of Nabil Fekir.

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Former BBC and Times journalist Ben Smith liked a tweet which has given the reds hope that a deal for Fekir is not yet dead and buried.

The tweet mentioned how the Fekir deal may not yet be completely and utterly off the menu as these days, Liverpool FC are more than happy and content to let people believe what they want now when it comes to transfers – whether its true, false or just totally left field.

However, Smith was rather quick to unlike the tweet, perhaps creating even more suspense amongst the fan base.

This could just be a subtle hint from Ben Smith who wouldn’t want to be seen as giving too much away.

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One thing is for sure though, the tweet does have a point – Liverpool FC are totally directing people in a different way nowadays when it comes to transfers after the whole Virgil Van Dijk scenario. Liverpool certainly don’t want another situation like last summer again.

With people as influential as Ben Smith liking tweets regarding players, its understandable Reds’ fans will get excited – there’s no doubt about that.

Whatever that case may be in regards to Liverpool, Fekir and a possible imminent transfer deal – there remains lots to be positive for Reds’ at the moment with everything the club has been doing on and off the pitch.

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