Dejan Lovren Hit By A Perjury Charge; Faces Jail Time

According to journalist Aleksandar Holiga, Liverpool FC’s central defender Dejan Lovren could face jail time. Lovren and his compatriot, Real Madrid’s central midfielder Luka Modric are both facing perjury charges.

Per Croatian law, footballers could receive jail sentences from 6 months to 5 years.

What crime is Dejan Lovren accused of committing?

Lovren and Modric are both being investigated because of false testimony in court, in a case including Zdravko Mamic, former director of Dinamo Zagreb’s football club.

The case, including tax fraud and embezzlement, has been going on for quite some time and has been mostly revolving around Lovren’s and Modric’s moves to Lyon and Tottenham Hotspur, respectively.

On May 28th, the Croatian anti-corruption agency has recommended Zdravko Mamic to be declared guilty for siphoning around 116 million kuna (13.8 million GBP) and costing the state around 16 million kuna (1.45 million GBP) in unpaid taxes.

In the investigation of the case, Lovren is reported to have changed his court statements from the ones that damaged Mamic’s case to the ones that would have helped him in the case.

The case, complex, and including multiple members of Croatian football, effectively highlights the corruption surrounding the transfer fees paid for the players. The prosecution believes that Dejan Lovren could’ve played a part in Zdravko Mamic’s scheme, which allowed to find a way to not pay any taxes to the Croatian state.

What happens to Dejan Lovren’s footballing career?

In the meantime – nothing. The case is complex and will most likely include a lot more twists and turns. Investigation for such things tends to take a while. And even though Lovren may be declared guilty for being a part of this scheme, the sentence is very likely to only include probation and a massive fine.

All things considered though, it is very disappointing to see Dejan Lovren get in a problem for his 2010 move to Lyon.



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