REVEALED: The Staggering Amount LeBron James’ 2% Share in Liverpool is Worth


In 2011, LeBron James bought a 2% share in Liverpool Football Club for approximately $6.5million. That share is now worth approximately $32million in 2018, according to ESPN.

LeBron James received a 2% share when his marketing firm, LRMR, agreed to a joint venture with Fenway Sports Partners.

In June 2017, Forbes claimed that Liverpool FC was the eighth-most-valuable football club in world football, at a figure of $1.49billion.

However, since then, Liverpool have secured a Champions League final and are approximated to be worth $1.6billion in 2018.

That is of course a conservative figure, but it means that LeBron James’ 7-year investment in Liverpool FC has risen the value of his share by 392%.

LeBron James’ business partner Maverick Carter has commented on the Liverpool investment that they committed to 7-years ago.

“It has been an honor for us to be in on this deal with Fenway Sports Partners’ John Henry and Tom Werner,” Carter said.

“It has been a thrill to watch such a storied club make their way back to the top again and to be a part of it all. LeBron likes the fact that he’s diversified in another global sport.”

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