Mo Salah Has a Documentary Coming Out - Here’s What You Need to Know

Channel 4 have put together a documentary regarding Mohamed Salah which will air on Tuesday 22nd May. 

Titled ‘Mo Salah – A Football Fairytale’, the programme will air on TV at 10:00pm and is scheduled to finish at 11:00pm.

The documentary will focuse on how Salah started from humble beginnings in Egypt and his rise to Premier League and Champions League stardom with Liverpool.

After completing his transfer to Liverpool back in June 2017, the bar was set high for Mo Salah. Many questioned whether he could recover from his unsuccessful stint at Chelsea in 2014.

He has done more than that. The Egyptian has placed himself amongst Europe’s elite. The likes of Messi and Ronaldo finally have some competition for the Ballon D’or.

Salah can actually stake a claim for Europe’s most sought of individual prize, and that’s without getting carried away. An unrealistic reality.

From breaking the Premier League record for most goals scored (32) in a 38-game season – previously shared by Alan Shearer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez (31) – to winning 35 individual awards this season.

It’s no wonder a documentary is being made about him. Currently, Salah is Europe’s most prized asset, and that is what puts him in such high demand.

Not only on the pitch, but off the pitch too. Mo is making a difference.

Donating money to fund new hospitals, schools and fresh water, appearing in a “say no to drugs” campaign that increased the number of calls for help by 400%.

You name it, Salah has done it. A role model on and off the pitch and Channel 4 will convey this message in their new documentary out next week. Tune in.

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