NEW: Jurgen Klopp Invites Special Guest to Champions League Final


Jurgen Klopp has told Naby Keita that he is invited to Liverpool’s Champions League final against Real Madrid on 26th May in Kiev. 

Naby Keita will officially be a Liverpool player on July 1st after an agreement was reached last summer.

Klopp reckons it could be a motivational factor for his Liverpool squad if the soon-to-be Liverpool player is in attendance.

“I have not been thinking about things like this but if Naby is reading this and he wants to come to the final, he is invited,” Klopp said.

“Yes, this is not my first problem but I will think about it. Hopefully Naby will have a big effect on the team immediately because of his quality.“

Jurgen Klopp spoke positively about the impact Keita has had for RB Leipzig this season, despite the side having a difficult campaign.

The Liverpool boss also showed his eagerness to link up with the Guinea international next season, admitting a full pre-season is a massive boost for the Reds.

“[This season] he still had outstanding performances. Not the same number as last year but the whole team didn’t do exactly the same as last year,” Klopp said.

“One thing, though, is that he doesn’t play the World Cup so he will have a full pre-season which will help him a lot.”

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