FIFA 18 - Alexander Arnold upgraded again!


Another week, another upgrade, but it’s just the one for Liverpool this time around:

Young right back Trent Alexander Arnold has had various stats boosted across the board which lead to a second successive overall increase, now making it to 75. On the back of firmly taking over as Liverpool’s first choice right back ahead of Clyne and Gomez while making it to the Champions League final, more upgrades are expected in the coming weeks.


Across the pond we have a forgotten man who has seen a downgrade this week, it’s striker Daniel Sturridge. Within the last year Sturridge has had one of the most significant physical downgrades out of any player in the game, this includes strength, stamina and pace. Over the season Sturridge has regressed from a dangerous option to a far less effective choice following a failed loan move to West Brom where he was injured in the first game.



That’s all for this week, be sure to check out the ‘how to play as Liverpool in FIFA 18’ video below if you haven’t already – Stay tuned here for all the latest FIFA updates!



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