REVEALED: Manchester United Player Nearly Joined Liverpool


Jesse Lingard has sensationally revealed that he was close to joining Liverpool as a youngster before his grandfather persuaded him to remain at Manchester United instead.


Lingard has been one of United’s most important players this season; Lukaku being the only player to score more goals than him in all competitions.

When talking about his options as a youngster, Lingard said that he felt more comfortable at United.

“One day I was at Liverpool and someone didn’t pass the ball to me and I thought, ‘I can’t be doing this,” He said.

“I walked out and said to my grandad, ‘Let’s stay at United instead’. I swear that was the reason.

“I felt more comfortable at United. I knew I had to make a choice.

“Grandad looked after me. He still comes now and then to support me and he still texts me before games.

“He is, ‘Do this, do that’. I go and see him and Nana and he asks, ‘What is the mood like?’ It’s like I am a young boy again, still getting advice. I like that. It’s good.

“Family is so important. You only get one and you have to make the most of them. They have always trusted me and trusted the United process.”

Lingard may well be relieved that he never joined Liverpool, but most Liverpool fans will feel the same way about the situation too.



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