Is Max Meyer the Answer to Coutinho’s Exit?


Several talks regarding Liverpool, Klopp, and who’s going to be the replacement for the departed, Philippe Coutinho. Questions being asked, is the club looking to replace this window, or next? Who’s the replacement being brought in? Is he going to be a world-beater, or is he going to be a player with the potential to become world class?

Reasonable questions, considering the statue of the player lost to Barcelona in the early stages of this window. Not many could come in and replace the Brazilian playmaker, but there are players, who could eventually take his place with time and growth.

Now who exactly is that player?

One name pops up in the mind when thinking about this, and that name is, Max Meyer. One of Germany’s hottest prospects and a player loaded with potential. He’s also been a player Klopp has shown tons of admiration for in recent time. Back in June last year – The attacker and Klopp had a little love bug going for each other. This was during a time – the player was heavily linked with a switch over to Anfield.

The player was reported saying;

Max Meyer: “I know from the past that he appreciates me. After my first derby against BVB – scoring a goal when I was 18 – he has publicly expressed praises for me.

“This is a nice feeling when such a great coach says that.”

Why would he be a great replacement for the forgotten Coutinho?

Max Mayer is a young forward player – able to play across the entire frontline behind the striker. He’s the tender of age of 22-years-old and is a Germany future star. If you take all being said – the player ticks all the boxes for Liverpool’s transfer committee. They’ve always looked for young players with the potential to become world class and he certainly fits the bill.

There’s no comparison between the two, as Coutinho’s already fulfilled his world-class status – something that was a major factor in his move away from the Reds. Max is still young with many years ahead of him. It would be the perfect fit for the fans and the club. He has good work rate, something Klopp always looks at first in a player. He also has the ability to create something out of nothing.

Max Meyer’s stats in the Bundesliga 2017-2018:
Stat Max Meyer
Games Played 27
Minutes Played 1673
Goals 1
Assist 1
Shot Accuracy 48%
Passing Accuracy 85%
Chances Created 29
Key Passes 28

This season’s stat is nothing to go by – and makes it a bit difficult to justify why he’s the man for the job. But, looking further back in time, when Schalke boasted an attack with both, Meyers and Leroy Sane – the two were unstoppable. He’s made 10 appearances this season, and has only scored once across all competition. This is an underwhelming stat – considering Coutinho’s long list of replies.

However, the amount of chances this young man puts in play and the work he puts in for 90 minutes – running up and down the pitch, makes him the perfect suitor for the position. Max barely picks up an injury and stays fit like many other Germans.

Klopp is a manger, who’ve we seen change players from being at the bottom of the list – to the top pick for their clubs and country. Many players can walk over to Klopp and be full of praises for what he’s done for them, and how he’s turned their career around. Therefore, making this a great switch for the player as well, and not just the club.

Max Meyer’s stats before Leroy Sane left (Bare in mind the player was only 20 turning 21):
Stat Max Meyer
Games Played 32
Minutes Played 2310
Goals 5
Assist 6
Shot Accuracy 72%
Passing Accuracy 85%
Chances Created 45
Key Passes 39

As you can see, the player hardly misses a match. When firing on all cylinders – he can be handful for the opposition and a problem trying to contain him. His chances created and key passes show – he can be a very creative player when playing in behind the striker. All these stats, have taken a dip with Coutinho departing, and I believe Max Meyer could fill the void, effortlessly.


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