What Do Rival Fans Think About Mo Salah?


Mohammed Salah has been a breath of fresh air for Liverpool this season and now finds himself as the top scorer in the Premier League with 9 goals; ahead of the likes of Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku and Alvaro Morata. With 9 goals in 12 Premier League appearances for Liverpool, Salah has now broken Robbie Fowler’s record who previously scored 8 Premier League goals in as many games.

I decided to gather the thoughts of rival fans on Mohammed Salah’s scintillating form this season, boasting 14 goals in his 19 appearances for the Reds.  I asked them the simple question, ‘What’s your thoughts on Mohammed Salah so far this season?’. This is what they said!


Mr DT (Arsenal Fan TV) said:

Mr DT: “I thought Liverpool were wasting their money when they signed, Salah. The jury was always going to be out after his time at Chelsea but in less than half a season back in the PL he looks to be one of the best signings of the summer. Very quick, direct and he has an eye for goal, the key now is consistency, but from what I have seen so far I wouldn’t mind him in our team, shame we couldn’t have swapped him with Ox.”


Kian Long (@afcKian – Twitter) said:

Kian Long: “He’s annoyingly good. I always knew he would prove people wrong, his goal-scoring record in a defensive minded league like the Serie A was never going to lie. His start to the season was questionable, he missed a lot of chances but he’s definitely made up for them now. Not bad for another Juan Cuadrado.”


Adam Mckola (Full Time Devils) said:

Adam Mckola: “Mohamed Salah was always a decent signing for Liverpool in my opinion but I’ve been surprised by his return in goals since returning to the Premier League.

He’s fit into Jurgen Klopp’s side like he’s been there a while. He’s getting lots of goals, some assists and he is a constant threat to opposition back lines – proving his transfer fee to be a snip at the moment.

Anyway this is weird being nice to a Liverpool player – where was I? He’s crap and Liverpool would’ve been better off spending the money on a defender.”


Sophie Rose  (ChelseaFC Fan TV) said:

Sophie Rose: “I think salah is an extremely talented footballer for the right team. He said he joined Liverpool to win trophies and credit to him if he can do that. He wasn’t a good fit for Chelsea for many reasons, too much pressure I think being the main reason. But since leaving and as you can see with Liverpool this season, he’s become a much more respected player and I believe he will do over the coming seasons as he continues to progress with this team


Ben Haines (90min football):

Ben Haines said: “Unsurprisingly like most football fans I’ve been incredibly impressed with Salah this season. Also like most football fans before he joined Liverpool, I was keen to wait and see whether Salah would live up to the hype.. The thing that I feel has set him apart this season is his industry. His pace, dribbling and the timing of his runs are all impressive however for me this is usurped by the sheer volume of threatening runs he makes. If he misses a chance or doesn’t receive a through ball on one occasion Liverpool fans can rest assured that he works so hard for the team that there will be 3 or 4 more of those runs or chances to come shortly after. This puts defensive teams constantly on the back foot and also leaves space for the likes of Coutinho, or Firmino to play.


Lawrence Bury (90min football)

Lawrence Bury said: “I always saw Salah as a bit of a gamble, i know he wasn’t given a proper chance at Chelsea and has amazing potential but going to Italy, you never know the sort of player you are getting, Serie A isn’t always the clearest indicator of quality. Since he joined he has been incredible and reminded me a lot of a young Robben, not only for his world class left foot, but also his sheer pace and energy. For me he is bargain of the summer, for £35m you can’t get any better, for me i want to see him destroy a big team a few times before he becomes considered an elite European player, but Liverpool at the moment, under Klopp is certainly the place where he can flourish and become that”





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