Liverpool: The Reds roundup ahead of Chelsea clash


A busy, busy week continues for the Reds as they prep for another mammoth fixture and welcome top-of-the-table rivals, Chelsea. Another test for the club and a specific individual, Mohamed Salah come Saturday evening. Pretty thankful the match is taking place at Anfield after the midweek madness the team put us through. There’s no possible way anybody could endure that twice in one week.

Whirlwinds of feelings were thrown around after Tuesday’s miseries, when the team threw away a 3-0 lead to the home side, Sevilla in the European clash. Every reason to question what went down and put your two pennies in the plate about what could change. However, this result doesn’t end anything in the near, or distant future for Klopp. The Reds unmoving at the top of Group E and a game left to play at home, leaves the fate in their own hands, after Maribor provided to be the upset team of the group again, by stealing a point and stunning Moscow.

A strong showing at Anfield sees them go through ready for the all-important knockout stages. Last time Liverpool were in the Champions League, they were ready to bow out and gearing up for the Europa League knockout stages, and sat well outside of the top six in the Premier League all while under Brendan Rodgers. In Klopp’s first Champions league stint, the Reds sit on top of their group who also have the chance to move up to 3rd place in the league table by beating Chelsea on Saturday – after 13 weeks of Premier League football.

The team has been sailing a wave steady and boasting many goals through some great gameplay on the pitch. If not for the silly setback during UCL fixture versus Sevilla, Liverpool had only conceded one goal in four games and scored a flourishing 13 goals. That’s a goal short of perfection and 13 reasons why there’s more to cheer about, rather than throw your toys out the cot. But as they say, “it takes all kind of humans to make the world go round.”

Transfer rumours making their rounds:

transfer image

Julian Draxler and Leon Goetezka links have been the strongest this week. Not the first time being mentioned in the same headlines with the former and hopefully this time more than just clickbait. A loan move for the young German prospect emerges to be the offer on the table. Okay, excitement done.

In the same breath, this signing only adds class and a potential replacement for the almost out, Philippe Coutinho. All money and any money needing to be spent, needs to be spent over at the other end, the defensive end. Quality in depth across the frontline will always be needed at the club, but a first choice, world-class defender is needed even more. Does this prove the club’s rectifying all their problems? Nope!

Leon Goretzka links were promising but has died out as fast as it’s surfaced. Knowing the club’s up against the likes of Barcelona and other powerhouses, just makes it a bit harder to see anything materialise come January. However, there are also rumours that Liverpool are front runners for his signature. We can only hope.

Liverpool players on the brink of eviction are the usual suspects. Danny Ings, Emre Can and Philippe Coutinho, all still being rumoured to be on their way out of the club, loan moves or permanently.

Salah reunion

Most importantly, the Premier League’s top scorer takes on the club that gave him the identity of being a fraud. A chance to rub salt in the wounds of a club that continues to throw away world-class, A grade players. Players who unsurprisingly move on to become great and irreplaceable to their respected managers and clubs.

Liverpool have the chance to get back to winning ways and take some points away from one of the other clubs playing for the top spots. Liverpool have won their last 3 Premier League games and that can amount to 4 after this weekend. Conte and his men visit Anfield after an emphatic 4-0 victory away to West Brom. The match ultimately cost Tony Pulis his job.

Henderson or not, Lovren or not, Moreno or not … all these questions arise ahead of an all-important fixture for this football club. There were many weaknesses on displays and there were some improvements on the way to this fixture. Let’s get behind the Reds! YNWA

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