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Jurgen Klopp Will Make Us Great Again


Jurgen Klopp will get things right at Liverpool eventually. Liverpool are forever in transition as a football club. Everyone associated with the club keep on saying be patient and give the manager time. Fans are tired of being patient we expect good results now. To witness the thrashing at the hands of Tottenham was really difficult to take. Spurs are a side who not too long ago were behind us in terms of quality of their side and the running of the football club. Currently, it seems like a complete shift in football has occurred.

The club have a solid foundation right now and possess world class players throughout their side. They have a solid core of Lloris, Vertonghen, Toby, Wanyama, Eriksen, Alli and Kane. Their manager is one of the best in the world as well. Add to that they have a new stadium that is nearly built. As for Liverpool, the doom and gloom is there for all to see. Jurgen Klopp hardly smiles anymore and the stress is getting to him. The players are really struggling and individual mistakes are always getting capitalized on by the opposition.

The fan base is starting to get divided on FSG and Klopp. The KLOPPOUT brigade is gathering steam slowly and that is a big worry. Some fans are on the right track and believe that we need to show a united front.

Klopp is a lot of things: stubborn, takes things to heart and is very passionate. However Klopp is not naïve. Fans needs to realize just like us he is human. He is prone to mistakes but he will get this side firing sooner rather than later. Don’t forget last year he got us into the Champions League with a squad that was poor in quality.

The owners are here to make money off the club and the balance sheets show that the club is in a strong position financially. The owners will be pleased with that. Money is there to be spent but it is obvious that much more is needed. The upcoming transfer windows will determine whether these owners and Klopp can move us forward as a football team. We all believed that this past window would do that but major mistakes were made. Hopefully the key figures have learnt from those mistakes.

The signing of Naby Keita and the potential departures of Emre Can and Phil Coutinho will leave Klopp with plenty to do to sort the midfield out. Dejan Lovren and Simon Mignolet time as first choice starters really needs to come to an end. The VVD saga still has some way to run I believe. At BVB, Klopp built his title winning sides around his defense. Klopp will sort the spine of his team out that is for sure.

For now, we really need to be realistic, if Klopp does walk or if you want him gone, who can we realistically get as a replacement. For me, there is no-one out there that I would want to replace Klopp. No one can match his charisma and drive for success. Stevie G could be a potential future manager but he needs to still gain that experience or he will end up like Ryan Giggs who expects a top job to fall in his lap.

My ramblings are not to be viewed as me being pro Klopp or pro FSG. I am just another die hard LFC fan just like many others who crave success for the club again. I am looking at everything from a clear perspective and the cold truth is that Jurgen Klopp is the best that Liverpool could possibly have got and we need to get behind him as a fanbase. If by next year he still sees Lovren as first choice and Mignolet as his number 1 GK, then sure we have a major problem on our hands BUT till then…………

We need to remember that it was not only that Liverpool chose Klopp, Klopp also chose Liverpool. He rejected many offers while on a break but when Liverpool came calling things progressed quickly. Give the man some more time he deserves that at least. He signed a long term contract because this is a long term project. I’m confident that he will eventually get things right at the club and we really need to show our support more now than ever. Let’s get behind the team and go again Saturday against Huddersfield.

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