The Red’s Roundup – The BIG Month Ahead!


All the drama and heartache from a painful transfer window has finally taken a backseat and gives us time to concentrate on what the team we have at hand, are able to do on the pitch. Results don’t lie and currently Liverpool is a team hard to beat on their day.

Difficult but entertaining fixtures await us, now more than ever does the team have to play to the best of their ability. The team’s performance has made it extremely easy to forget what’s happened in the past and at the same time we get to welcome talented players such as, Mohamed Salah, Dominic Solanke, Andrew Robertson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and later on in life, Naby Keita.

If I were to sum up this transfer window and the business done in one word, that one word would not be unsuccessful but rather, incomplete. Incomplete due to the fact Liverpool have acquired the services of players in certain areas the team was light weighted a season ago. On the other end, Liverpool and its committee failed to complete a signing of one position. A position that has been the Achilles heel of this team’s downfall seasons before Klopp was brought in. Let’s hope we walk on through the pain if or when we are put to the test.

One cannot dwell on what should be or could be, rather than what can be done to improve on the squad at hand. In many ways the addition of Salah, Chamberlain, and Robertson displays the club has tried to inject players in crucial positions. The Klopp factor is not only attracting players to the club, but how he and his crew are able to bring out the BEST in each of them.

Liverpool’s filled with talent and potential. I am 1000% behind Klopp and his coaching staff when it comes to what this team can do when firing on all cylinders! Would like to see the likes of Marko Grujic, Ben Woodburn, and Ovie Ejaria come through like Trent has. This has been the most exciting since the days of Stevie, Cara, and Owen (Sorry to be mentioning the Manc). Klopp has turned bad into good and good into great. We can only expect great things from the young players coming through the ranks.

Another standout point that surprised most, going unbeaten for the first three fixtures plus our Champions League Qualifications over Hoffenheim. We are radiating form and style since the preseason. From one draw at the start of it all and a few goals conceded, to thumping rivals and owning the nights in Europe. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to this season’s battle.

Big congratulations to Mohamed Salah winning the Standard Chartered Player of the Month award and Sadio Mane winning the Premier League Player of the Month award for August. The evidence is there people we have what it takes to go after that title. Just keep praying to the football gods to grant us an injury free season.

On International Duty:

Liverpool’s in form button has not switched off while on international duty. Many of our players the deciding factor for their country most notably, young Welshman Ben Woodburn on his international debut scoring a screamer and then assisting. All while coming off the bench! We are blessed with the youth coming through our system.

Others like Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah, and Andy Robertson were all on target for their respected countries. It’s nothing short of amazing we get to see our players represent their born place and apply the same commitment adding value to their name. Another mention in this has to be captain Jordan Henderson. Getting the armband for his country and leading them to victory is a great achievement from a Liverpool look.

The curse of international injury did not come around this break gladly the team comes back full strength baring Adam Lallana who has been out since before the season started. A sigh of relief as pictures were taken with Philippe Coutinho and the rest of the Brazilians on the plain back from World Cup Qualifiers.

Will he feature from the start or will he come into an already strong starting eleven? Only Klopp knows and that’s the big surprise for both Man City and us. Will he come to redeem himself and ask for forgiveness on the pitch with a goal or two? Or, is he likely to sit and watch the team enjoy the football we are displaying currently?

We should be every bit happy he is back, a sort after game changer. Yes he disrespected the club but we will forgive and forget. Move forward instead of backwards. We use one of strongest asset in our team. Instead of having lost one of our best players in the team to a European competitor. We keep him and have him in a rotation that has been beefed up.

Liverpool’s Fully Loaded Month Ahead!

Butterflies and half an anxiety attack is the feeling when thinking about the big stage. The big stage that has fallen far from our reach until now. Weeks and weeks filled with football is what’s on the menu. But all this fun comes at a price. Too many games with Liverpool’s thin squad, is risky business.

Liverpool has six fixtures coming in this month alone. Three Premier League fixtures, two Champions League, and one Football League Cup fixture where we meet Leicester City twice in one week. Yummy! Out of these fixtures, the Sevilla fixture is one I can’t wait for. Revenge on the cards. However tough we can make it for them not to progress in the Champions League will redeem us from a poor showing in the final many moons ago. Liverpool has a considerable hard month ahead. Burnley, Leicester, and Man City have all taken points from us, with Pep’s team taking the least from the three. Throw Sevilla in there, we go on to say this team took a cup from us, or we handed it to them. However you want to look at.

Excited, very! Worried, only most definitely! We have one of the most exciting sides to watch in Europe but also possess one of the thinnest and youngest squads there is. This will be a great time to see the manager work with his squad and see who stepped in when the legs are tired. Liverpool is still missing one Nathaniel Clyne and an Adam Lallana short. Two key players who are needed for the next few months. Players such as Trend and Gomez have stepped up in good fashion but the experience is still needed for what’s ahead.

This is where we should do the improving on last season’s run. We need to better results we failed to bring home all the honours. Man City’s last away fixture a draw, Leicester City’s away fixture a miserable showing of no show at all. Burnley was a tough opponent to overcome for us last season on a whole. It took individual brilliance by Can and Gini to win our home fixture.

Loving the feeling of this month alone. All the insecurities matched by the team’s form in this moment. Anfield is buzzing after seeing these players go on and help their countries out and then see a moral boost of Philippe Coutinho back in Liverpool and back at training. Head down, chin up, just the way it should be. Take your pride put in your pocket and move on. The different levels of management shown by Klopp and the owners to manage Coutinho back into the team seamlessly, was great to see.

All this makes the wait for tomorrow so agonising. Good luck to the lads for what the month has installed for us. Time to silence the haters and reach that top spot.

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