Liverpool’s Problems keep on mounting


The start of this month was supposed to be about kicking on from the good foundation that was laid before the International break. Majority of Liverpool fans had high hopes of what could have been. Reality is that this month has turned into a nightmare for the Reds. It seems an ideal time to go on a rant.

A humiliating defeat to Man City and draws against both Sevilla and Burnley have left the manager searching for solutions to his mounting problems. Suddenly, the defensive side of the squad is no longer the only problem. Our attack is also suffering to score goals.

Against Sevilla and Burnley, the Reds combined have had around 59 goal attempts yet have only scored 3 goals. The players are struggling to find the back of the net and if this trend continues our season will be a disaster. As Liverpool fans we all know that the only way we can win a game is by outscoring our opponents. Our defense is too static and the defensive players are all not good enough at this point of time.

Trent Alexander-Arnold gets sympathy from fans because he’s young and from Liverpool. However, he is a professional player and he is not immune to criticism. He has to improve the defensive side to his game otherwise he will never make it at the club.

Dejan Lovren, in simple terms is an accident waiting to happen. His reading of a football game is really pathetic and he just goes into challenges recklessly. Joel Matip is another one who can sometimes not be good enough. His positioning at times is horrible and he is prone to the odd errors. He is very lucky that Lovren or Klavan is beside him and most of the abuse and criticism falls on them instead of him.

Ragnar Klavan should not be a 3rd choice option for Liverpool Football Club. He has no pace at all and is always found struggling and leaving too many spaces for the opposition to run into. Alberto Moreno and Andy Robertson are doing okay for now but more is needed from them. As they do go missing in games a lot.

The bottom line is that the defense needs to defend better as a unit. Individual mistakes will happen, that is part and parcel of football. However, so far this season our defense is not working as a unit and that is the downfall. The sooner that changes the better.

Back to our attack……Mo Salah for all the pace that he has, is rather atrocious on his right foot. He does not pick his head up enough to find his team mates. One-on-one situations you can never fully trust him to score a goal. Hopefully, with more bedding time he will improve at the club.

Phil Coutinho wastes too many opportunities with his long range shooting. He does score some world class goals at times but majority of the time the ball is in the second or third tier of the stands. He is really behind the pace of the game at the moment and needs to get back to match fitness as soon as possible.

Our midfield is virtually non-existent at times. The games passes Wijnaldum at times and it is almost as if he is not around. The majority of fans are obsessed with Emre Can, but there’s nothing special about him at the moment. He is very inconsistent and will give you one good game and follow that up with 3 bad ones. Jordan Henderson is another who is struggling. He tries too hard at times with his ‘Gerrardesque’ passes and gives away possession too often.

Jurgen Klopp’s in-game management is really hard to watch at times. He takes forever to make substitutions and the bench hardly ever has time to come on and change how a game is going. Some of his changes as well are puzzling at times. A prime example of that was taking off Sadio Mane against Sevilla.

Results and performances need to change fast for the club otherwise we will soon have nothing to compete for and the season will be a resounding failure. These players and manager get paid good salaries. They need to start to show that fighting spirit and fight for that badge.

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