LFC's financial conundrum

I have heard the phrase ‘money talks’ time and time again in my life. Whether it has to deal with impressing someone that you are interested in or whether it has to do with a salary for a job. We all would prefer to earn a little more than we currently do, and we all wish we could have a blank cheque to buy whatever we want.

So why should this thinking and mind-set be different for Liverpool and their fans in particular? The age old conundrum of over paying for a player is rearing its ugly face yet again this transfer window for Liverpool. On one side of this intensely, yet quite amusing, debate of transfer fees is that fans believe Liverpool should pay ‘whatever it takes’ to land key transfer targets, Virgil Van Dijk and Naby Keita.

After all, it’s not like the money is actually coming out of our pockets. However, on the other side of this debate, the ‘conservatives’ if we can call them that believe that Liverpool should not be held to ransom over transfer fees.

Majority of big, successful football clubs are well run and managed. A quick glance of the top 10 most valued clubs in the world of football will show you that this list consists of money throwing, trophy laden, successful clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Chelsea. These clubs and their owners are not shy when it comes to opening their bank accounts and spending their wealth.

So why should Liverpool not do the same?

After all, Liverpool like these aforementioned clubs are also placed as one of the top 10 most valued football clubs in the world. With TV money playing such an important role in the running of a football club in England, Liverpool can easily afford these two players. Quality comes with a price and these two players are definitely quality.

However, in football nothing is so simple. Just because these two players are one of the best at their respective football clubs that does not mean their proposed transfers would result in instant success at Liverpool. For this reason many fans are of the stance that Liverpool should not break the bank and overpay for their transfer targets. Manchester City and Chelsea over the years have spent enormous figures on players that at the time seemed as good purchases. However with hindsight, oh hindsight what a beautiful thing we all wish we could posses with every big decisions that we make.

We have seen that some of those transfers have resulted in massive failures. Fernando Torres, Eliaquim Mangala, Andriy Shevchenko, Wilfried Bony are a few names that come to mind when you consider big name transfer deals that have not paid off.

I’m not implying that either Vigil Van Dijk or Naby Keita could end up as flops for Liverpool but there is always a risk to every transfer. I don’t believe the saying that Liverpool should not throw money at these type of transfer deals. Jurgen Klopp and his team must have done extensive scouting and research when identifying these two transfer targets. Ultimately, Klopp and his team will know whether these inflated transfer fees are justified or not.
From my humble viewpoint I believe that Liverpool are a well-run club from top to bottom. The owners have upgraded the stadium, improvements are currently being made on the Anfield pitch, and over the years the owners have provided funds for transfers.

On the football side, Jurgen Klopp has delivered by bringing Champions League football back to Anfield and with that Liverpool are guaranteed a handsome pay check should they progress from the Playoff round of the Champions League. Taking these factors into consideration I believe that Liverpool should now start using money to their advantage and pay these large transfer fees that are being touted by the media and the respective football clubs of Virgil Van Dijk and Naby Keita.
Both players are still young and Liverpool should be able to make back there initial outlays on both players through player sales, TV money and their numerous marketing campaigns.

I am sure every Liverpool fan no matter where they are located in the world would love to see Liverpool return to their glory days yet again. To witness the thrill of a title run that ends up with us lifting the premier league trophy at the mighty Anfield or winning a 6th Champions League trophy. If big money transfer deals can help us achieve these dreams yet again then who are we to argue or complain that we should not be over paying for transfer targets?

So the main question in all of this… is Liverpool Football Club ready to do their talking with their cheque books?

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