Oxlade Chamberlain done claims Graeme Kelly

A deal to take 23 year old England midfielder & winger Alex Oxlade Chamberlain to Liverpool is done according to Graeme Kelly, the man who initially reported the Klopp to Liverpool deal in an unexpected tweet back in 2015.

Although no fee has been mentioned, recent reports have suggested that Liverpool are willing to cough up a whopping £35 million to fulfil the price tag of a man Klopp clearly must rate highly. Liverpool’s current over dependence on wide man Sadio Mane has cost the reds dearly this season and the signing of a new winger is inevitable this summer.

Oxlade Chamberlain has been a pacy wide man for the majority of his Arsenal career, despite being moved into midfield recently, however versatility is indeed a trait Klopp has openly appreciated and one which will be useful to the Liverpool side.


This rumour is entirely unconfirmed at the moment, although Graeme does have a good track record when it comes to LFC reports – Lets wait and see if the likes of James Pearce and Tony Barrett dismiss or confirm this news….

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