It’s time for accountability 


Liverpool are currently hanging onto the top four by a thread, and after a dismal start to January, things seem to be getting worse. I am writing this after witnessing another shocking display of football against Swansea City. Football is fast moving, and we were lauding Klopp for coaching the squad into second place, but as our defence and midfield continue to fail, it is time for answers.

 January was always going to be a test because of the number of games and the lack of squad depth, and since Klopp thinks we are obsessed with transfers, he needs to be asked if he is obsessed with proving the British wrong? I understand his love for coaching, and he knows much more than any of us, but we aren’t to be fooled into thinking that this current squad is good enough to compete on all fronts.

Klopp would have seen first hand how average the defence is, and while Matip has hardly been utilised in January I now ask the question, “Is the situation with Sakho reparable?” If it is then he needs to be drafted in immediately despite what your opinion of him might be, he isn’t worse than Lovren and Klavan. If the situation isn’t reparable, then he needs to be honest with the fans and explain why Sakho has been isolated. Why does Klopp need to be accountable? It’s simple, we are losing points because of under 15 like individual errors at the back, and there is an absolutely good solution (at least till the summer) in the squad.

I mentioned over social media in November that the real test for Liverpool would be when Sadio Mane leaves for the AFCON. It was obvious that goals would be conceded with the current personnel, but the way Liverpool created chances and scored goals with him in the team was helping the team overcome such obstacles. Since his departure, we have looked void of ideas, especially without Phil due to injury and moving Firmino into a wider position. Why don’t Liverpool have able backups in place? The summer transfer window didn’t provide any duds, but there was a massive shortage in signings which I lamented at the time.

Jurgen needs to answer these questions very quickly before he finds Liverpool sitting in their usual position between 6th and 8th in the league. We are on the verge of a crisis, whether you think this is hysterical or not. I have seen the trends over the years, and we are showing signs of faltering in a big way. The players are letting Jurgen down, and when there is no pace in the team, there is no one to pass the ball into dangerous areas.

Maybe it’s time for him to realise that he may have overestimated the quality of this squad and he still has ten days to make some changes in January. I don’t want short term players, but if the money is available, he can make some serious strides in the window. I know he will get it right, but I don’t know how far Jurgen is willing to fall in order to make the necessary changes.

If you don’t think there is a problem, just remember while every club goes through bad form, you don’t lose to a bottom club that gets hit for 3-4 goals in most games. Liverpool haven’t won a league game in January and have shown poor cup form. Things are bad, and the entire squad is out of form.

We need some accountability either way.

FYI – I know we are still in the top four and in two cup competitions.

“Prevention is better than cure.”

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