Hendo, Adam & Studge walk into a strip club


I love social media for many reasons. Firstly to connect with likeminded people. Secondly, it brings about business related networking opportunities, and finally, it exposes the hypocrisy of mad football fans.

Recently a well-known journalist decided it would be healthy to remind Liverpool Football Club fans that Daniel Sturridge has barely kicked a ball in the month of December for the duration of his contract. The way it was written was to insinuate that Daniel was at fault for this; I mean really, he deliberately gets injured right? This article spilt over into Twitter naturally, and the creeps came out the woodwork to continue the condemnation of one of the best strikers in the premier league.

Sturridge has been questioned on the following:

Weak mentality – Are you accusing him of having mental health issues? Can you provide proof?
He’s Lazy – According to another prominent journalist, Daniel is the first to training and the last to leave

Poor Attitude – His goal record doesn’t reflect this?

Hoards swept online and said, “He went to the boxing on Saturday night”, and I will have you know through my sources, he didn’t fight Anthony Joshua, rather he sat in the crowd and enjoyed his Saturday night like any other regular person. Oh but he needs to rest his ligaments I hear you say? I didn’t know you were part of his rehab programme but let’s stay with this narrative for a few minutes.

Jordan Henderson and Adam Lallana during international duty headed straight to a strip club, and no one seems to have a problem with that? I personally don’t care, but some of you who question Sturridge should be asking the following:

Why didn’t Jordan and Adam rest after an intense round of international football?

Do Jordan and Adam realise they have a social responsibility because of the mature positions they hold at LFC?

Did Jordan and Adam think about those impressionable kids when going to a strip club?

Are Jordan and Adam promoting the glorification of women and their bodies?

Let me say it again; these aren’t my questions, but they should be yours if you are currently having issues with Daniel Sturridge and his latest injury. Think very carefully about what you are reading and who you are listening to and perhaps you won’t be such a sheep in the future.

LFC dropping points shouldn’t equal digs at an injured player who went to watch a boxing match. He’s the best we’ve got, and we need to support him through injury not berate him. Next time you tweet that Daniel has a poor attitude remember the club captain and his best mate are married, or I think they are, not quite sure, but you know they still went to a strip club. Funnily Adam strained his groin while on International duty.

Keep up the hate…

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