Squad Update


This week’s bizarre update comes as a surprise to many – You may not have noticed on first glance but last week’s much anticipated youngster addition has now been removed, however new youngsters have been added – Here’s the details:


The 19 year old midfielder has this week been removed from the Liverpool squad


The 18 year old central midfielder Herbie Kane has been added to the Liverpool squad. He has an overall of 61 and a potential of 78, with good stats on pace and balance.


The 17 year old attacking midfielder Yan Dhanda has been added this week, with a favourable potential of 81 and an overall of 62. He possesses good stats on sprint speed, balance and agility.


The 19 year old Welsh winger Harry Wilson has been re-added to the Liverpool squad, after featuring sporadically throughout FIFA 17. He has a shocking overall of 59 and a potential of just 73, however possesses good movement stats.

Stat changes

No individual player stat changes have been noted this week, after last week’s massive upgrades to most first team players.

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