Sakho given last chance


Jurgen Klopp has offered Mamadou Sakho a chance at saving his Liverpool career.

The Frenchman started for the U23s this week and put in a solid performance. He is again in line to play for them this Sunday against Ipswich, but Klopp has been silent on questions in relation to his inclusion with the first team training sessions.

The Boss said:

“Those two things are not a rule for Mamadou Sakho. It is a rule for every player. Work hard and do your best. The rest of this I spoke to the team about and I spoke to Mama and we spoke together and that’s it. From my side everything is done and now we can carry on. There is nothing else to say.”

Klopp has been laying down the law in the wake of the Sakho saga, and made it imperatively clear to every player that without a hard work ethic, there will be no place for them at the club. He’s said to have explicitly warned them in regards to social media, and the detriment that they might face with irresponsibility online.

Sakho has always been popular with Liverpool fans, but his recent activity has some of them changing their minds about the French defender. With the right attitude and a lot of hard work, plus his obvious talent, he should be able to work his way back into Klopp’s plans.

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