99 captains and Hendo aint one

Captains at Liverpool Football Club this season? We have had NINE (9). I had asked for the stat earlier this afternoon over Twitter and while not everyone knew the right figure no one guessed below FIVE. There’s many captains and I guess Klopp is playing with most of your heads, but one thing for sure is we have next to nothing regarding a ready made leader.

I grew up on a diet of leaders at Liverpool Football Club, and it seems now we are being starved of real genuine established leaders which is an awful reflection on FSG’s transfer committee and previous managers hired. Let’s define leadership in terms of on the pitch footballing action.

I would say it is someone who is respected as a player first, one who rarely divides opinion regarding ability and someone who has a powerful influence on the outcome of games. In short not Jordan Henderson or any of the other eight captains used this season so far.

Shouting at referees and opposition players don’t cut it for me, yes Gerrard stood up for his team, but he was respected enough to be allowed to do that. I still cringe at Henderson stepping up to Diego Costa and LFC Twitter up in arms ordaining him as the new captain! FYI Jordan Henderson isn’t the answer and I would say is a problem right now because his ability is so widely challenged and that was before heel-gate. Funnily enough no one else has stepped up either.

So what does Klopp do? He has two options in my opinion, and that is to buy a leader or groom one of the current crop which has the potential to be a leader.

So far Klopp has tried NINE of the current squad and clearly he isn’t settling for any of them and I guess that must be one of the frustrations he has had this season. Rumours are that Matip and Can are due for leadership roles at the club and while neither are ready made leaders I believe Klopp has hope that they have the potential to be.

Can would be an exciting option but he needs to be consistent with his performances and a better midfield pairing with him will probably assist that. Matip is a tall, commanding centre-back and if Klopp wants to mould him into a captain, then I will trust him with that. Again it is potential as Matip hasn’t captained his current club.

Right now the club is in a desperate position when it comes to leadership as it is much more than the armband. We need leaders all over the pitch, remember when we had Reina, Carra, Alonso, Masch, Stevie, Kuyt, Hyypia all in the same eleven? Apart from the technical deficiencies in the squad one of the key reasons why we lose points from winning positions is the lack of leadership. I didn’t enjoy much of Gerrard’s final years in midfield but the man still had influence and he was still a proper leader, something we lack but must bring in if we are to bring the glory days back.

Leadership isn’t running and shouting at refs and opposition players but it is influencing the outcome of results and that too by driving your players on verbally and by making them play out of their skins for you. I hope we bring in that potential this summer with the main transfers and youth players.

If I were you, I wouldn’t be too concerned because we do have Klopp at the helm but don’t kid yourself if you think everything is just ok in that department.

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